Qatar Condemns LNA’s Targeting of Mitiga Airbase – Al Marsad

The Qatari Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the Libyan Armed Forces attack on Mitiga Airbase claiming that these strikes directly targeted unarmed civilians and civilian installations and aircraft. The Libyan Armed Forces said that Mitiga Airbase is used by Turkish soldiers and Syrian mercenaries as a drone base and a headquarters for military operations.

[Libya, 11 May 2020} – The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated what it described as “irresponsible acts” that testify to the indifference of “militias” (referring to the Libyan Armed Forces) to the lives of civilians and the bloodshed of the Libyan people, as the statement claimed.

Qatar demanded the immediate cessation of “assaulting civilian targets and the city of Tripoli” (the advance of the armed forces to the center of the capital) and returning to the political track, which is the most effective way to stop the tragedy of the people, reiterating its call to the international community and actors in the Libyan scene to assume their historical responsibility and force “Haftar’s militias” to stop prolonging the conflict.

Residents of Souq Al-Juma have regularly spotted Turkish drones as they take off from and land from the Mitiga Airbase, which includes an operations rooms manned by Turkish officers to lead their drone operations.

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