Statement by the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Five-Party Meeting on Libya – Al Marsad

[Libya, 12 May 2020] – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Libyan Government headed by Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thini issue a statement on the meeting and joint statement published yesterday by the foreign ministries of France, Greece, UAE, Egypt and Cyprus. Al Marsad publishes here the English translation of the whole statement issued from Benghazi.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Libyan Government welcomes the joint statement issued by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Hellenic Republic, the Republic of Cyprus, the French Republic, and the United Arab Emirates on Monday 11 May 2020. It rightly denounced the violations and breaches of Erdogan’s government in flagrant disregard of all international norms and laws that stipulate the respect of good neighbourliness, the sovereignty of states, and the non-interference in the internal affairs of states.

The Ministry reiterates its categorical rejection of the two memoranda of understanding (MOUs) signed in November 2019 between Turkey and Fayez Al-Sarraj. It asserts that these MOUs have undermined the peace process in Libya due to Turkey bringing mercenaries into Libya and its support to the armed terrorist militias with weapons and drones as well as its failure to respect the will of the Libyan people to establish the state of law, institutions, and democracy. In this regard, the Ministry reiterates its full support to the Libyan National Army in its war against the Turkish invasion and terrorist groups that control the capital, Tripoli.

The Ministry reminds all stakeholders that the General Command of the Libyan National Army has declared a humanitarian truce during the month of Ramadan due to the sacredness of this blessed month and in response to the demands of friendly and brotherly countries. However, the militias have not observed this truce and have launched a failed attack on Al-Watiyah Airbase and the city of Tarhounah, terrorizing civilians and killing children, women, and the elderly.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation calls on the international community and the United Nations to condemn and reject the flagrant Turkish military invasion of Libya and the shipment of foreign mercenaries to the country. It calls on them to have the courage to support the Libyan people by withdrawing their recognition of the Government of National Accord (GNA), which is unconstitutional, unrecognized, and expired. It is a government of militias, which has been causing unrest and chaos for Libyans, the world, and for Mediterranean countries by signing shameful agreements with Erdogan’s government.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Libyan government
Issued in Benghazi on 11 May 2020


Joint Declaration Issued by France, Greece, UAE, Egypt and Cyprus on Libya