Tunisian Popular Movement: Turkey Blatantly Destroys and Uses Libya for its Own Agenda – Al Marsad

Commenting on the Turkish plane that landed in Djerba island south of Tunisia carrying medical supplies and aid heading for Libya, the Secretary General of the Tunisian Popular Movement Party Zuhair Hamdi said that the event involved a good deal of mystery and confusion. He said he wondered how the plane landed and noted the contradiction between the President Kais Saied’s statement that said the aid was meant for the Libyan people, and Anadolu Agency’s report saying that the aid was meant for the Tunisian people.

(Libya, 12 May 2020) – In his statement to Sputnik News today, Hamdi said that he found the landing time of the plane surprising, noting that Tunisia was not consulted in the matter, but was taken by surprise, as had happened when the Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan visited Tunisia unannounced.

President Erdogan meeting with the Tunisian President Kais Saied in December 2019 during his unannounced visit to Tunis.

The party’s Secretary General concluded: “There is evident confusion and weakness on part of the Tunisian authorities in managing foreign relations in general and in managing the Libyan issue particularly, as well as in dealing with the Turkish side that is now blatantly sabotaging Libya and now and then violating the Tunisian sovereignty by using Tunisia as a safe passage to serve its own agenda.

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