Bani Walid Municipal Council Denied its Building was Burned by Protestors – Al Marsad

The Municipal Council of Bani Walid which is aligned to the Government of National Accord (GNA) headed by Salem Nwir, denied yesterday that its building in the city center was burned. Nwir claimed that the smoke that billowed from the windows was due to “burning rubbish” and not due to people’s reaction to the killing of two young men from the city bombed by a Turkish drone.

(Libya, 14 May 2020) – The Council said in a post on its official page: “We deny that the municipal council building is burning and the municipality continues its daily work as usual. The smoke was due to burning garbage near the administrative headquarters.”

Smoke rises from the second floor offices of the headquarters of the Municipal Council.

However, sources from the city who had seen the fire said that Salem Nwir’s denial of the true causes of the accident is a message addressed to the outside that there is no problem in the continued airstrikes within the city’s administrative borders. Nwir did not respond to calls for comment on the issue of the Turkish drone strikes which killed two Bani Walid residents.

An angry group of the residents of Bani Walid set fire to the GNA Municipal Council headquarters before firefighting teams intervened and controlled the fire. The arson attack was in protest for the death of two young men from the city (Jibril Al-Fadil bin Dallah and Muhammad Raheel Al-Kumayi), according to Al Marsad’s reporter in the city.

The two young men from the tribes of Al-Dalloul and Al-Kumayyat in Bani Walid, died when a Turkish airstrike targeted their car in the Ashmaikh area early in the day within the administrative borders of the municipality of Bani Walid.

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