Italian Foreign Minister: Operation IRINI Will Use Satellites to Monitor Arms Embargo Violations – Al Marsad

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio confirmed on Wednesday that the European Operation IRINI aims to monitor the effective enforcement of the arms embargo imposed on Libya.

(Libya, 14 May 2020) – Di Maio, during a statement before the Italian parliament, reported by the Italian Aki agency, said that the continuous flow of arms is one of the most destabilizing factors in the Libyan crisis

He added that the increased external interventions and the intense flow of materiel and equipment for both parties to the conflict have so far hindered any possibility of achieving peace in Libya.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out that in the command chain and in determining the rules of engagement and the necessary skills, Italy has strongly insisted on according the utmost attention to allow IRINI to operate in a neutral and balanced manner, concluding: “This is the reason for urging for the activation of the capabilities of the satellites needed to monitor the entire Libyan territories.”

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