Amari Zayed Thanks Turkey for Liberating Al-Watiyah – Al Marsad

The Education Minister and Member of the Presidential Council Mohamed Amari Zayed, who is close to the terrorist Shura councils, paid tribute to the militants of the Government of National Accord (GNA) for entering the Uqba bin Nafeh (al-Watiyah) Airbase after more than 100 Turkish air strikes in the past two days.

Amari Zayed said, according to his media office, that what he described as “victory” was due to a well-thought military plan worked on for a whole month and implemented by “our Air Force”, meaning the Turkish drones, and their armed men with all the competence and professionalism, as he put it.

The Member of the Presidential Council thanked all the countries that had supported the GNA, referring mainly to Turkey, which provided direct military air, sea, and land support for this operation. He added: “We tell the countries that support the coup that their project is collapsing and it is high time now to revisit their positions.”

Mohamed Amari Zayed, who is close to the terrorist Shura councils, warned against any political process that would circumvent what he described as “victories”, and that waste “the sacrifices of heroes”, and provide a lifeline to Haftar and his project.

“The victory of today is another victory in the civil state’s battle against the coup and the return of tyranny. We say to our people in Tarhouna and Cyrenaica that they had better abandon this criminal project and return to the fold of the homeland. We will not stop until we extend the GNA’s control over the entire Libyan soil,” concluded Amari.

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