GNA’s Foreign Ministry: EU’s Operation IRINI is Biased and Constrains the GNA – Al Marsad

Spokesperson for the Government of National Accord Mohammed al-Qiblawi, said that since the EU’s announcement of Operation IRINI, the GNA has repeatedly stressed that the Operation will fail and it is biased towards one side and aims to constrain the GNA which is recognized by the EU. 

(Libya, 17 May 2020) – In his statements to Arabi21, Al-Qiblawi claimed that the impact of these official diplomatic moves has already started to come through, as a few days ago Malta announced its withdrawal from the operation and Italy stressed that in its period of leadership, it will meet all the conditions put forward by the GNA.

He concluded: “Therefore, the EU much refrain from violating the decisions of the UN Security Council while claiming that it is enforcing them, as such an operation needs a dedicated decision and comprehensive discussions with the GNA, which was confirmed by the decision 2292 of the year 2016 and stated by the report of the General Secretary of the UN.”

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