La Stampa: Al-Watiyah Airbase in Libya is Turkey’s First Military Base in the Southern Mediterranean – Al Marsad

The Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that the Government of National Accord (GNA) is about to conclude a military agreement with a new strategic partner.

(Libya, 20 May 2020) – Quoting its sources, La Stampa indicated that this agreement, whose signing may be only days away, is very similar to the agreement concluded by the Presidential Council with Turkey.

“The GNA’s control of Al-Watiya Airbase means it has regained control of almost all the western coastal and semi-coastal belt, while for Ankara it is the first military support facility on the southern shore of the Mediterranean,” asserted La Stampa.

Regarding Tarhouna, the newspaper indicated that the GNA’s militants are unlikely to attack it now because this would result in a bloodbath as a large part of the Tripoli population descends from Tarhouna. “They would not risk seeing a massacre in situ,” added La Stampa.

The newspaper pointed out that if the new agreement does not involve a European country, it would remove the EU from Libya even further, which would be another step back for Libya-Italy relations

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