Libya’s Foreign Ministry Condemns Bombing of Al-Watiya Airbase by Turkish Frigate – Al Marsad

The Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in a statement yesterday, Tuesday, the brutal aggression on the Uqba bin Nafeh (Al-Watiyah) Airbase by a Turkish frigate that entered Libyan territorial waters.

(Libya, 20 May 2020) – In its statement, the Ministry said: “We condemn the brutal aggression on the Uqba bin Nafie Airbase by a Turkish frigate that entered Libyan territorial waters. We also denounce the attack by Turkey’s drones and Fayez Al-Sarraj’s terrorist militias, thus violating the sovereignty of Libya and in flagrant disregard of all international covenants, customs, and laws. The aggressors have abused the armistice allowed by the General Command of the Libyan Armed Forces in response to the request of all friends out of respect for the blessed month of Ramadan and in light of the critical situation that Libya and the whole world are going through due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Ministry expressed its dismay at the silence of the world countries and the United Nations about this blatant Turkish invasion of the safe people of Libya, demanding urgent measures be taken against these crimes, such as the invasion and killing of the Libyan people by a brutal enemy and the conspiracy of the traitors, such as Fayez Al-Sarraj and his followers who opened the door for Syrian mercenaries to flock into Libya, as the statement put it.

The Ministry reiterated its demand for Arab, Mediterranean, and Maghreb countries, to withdraw their recognition of what it described as the “government of treason, shame, and disgrace”. The statement said Turkey’s aggression does not only threaten Libya but also the whole region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that targeting Al-Watiyah Airbase will not discourage Libyans from continuing the battle to liberate the homeland from the clutches of terrorism, mercenaries, and militias. “Our battle will continue until we establish the state of law and institutions, end terrorism, distribute wealth fairly, eliminate militias, and restore the dignity of Libya and its people,” concluded the statement.

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