El-Sunni: Tripoli Stands Up Against “Counter-Revolution Plots” – Al Marsad

The representative of the Presidential Council at the United Nations, Taher El-Sonni, said that what he described as the “steadfastness of Tripoli” (the attempt of the militants of the Government of National Accord  to repel the advance of the armed forces to the heart of the capital) is not only for Libya, but a symbol of resistance against the “counter-revolution plots” in the region.

(Libya, 20 May 2020) – In a post on his Twitter page, El-Sonni stressed that dialogue and reconciliation should be the basis for resolving Libya’s crisis.

He added, “We extend our hand to our people in the east. We are sure that they know we cannot reduce Libya to one person and that we need to end the conflict because the losers are the Libyans.”

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