Control of Oil Crescent is Next with Turkey’s help, Says GNA’s Misratan Leader – Al Marsad

The field commander in the militias of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Misrata, Ahmed Al-Haddad, said that the next target for their militants is to liberate the oil crescent area and station there with the help of the Turkish allies.

(Libya, 22 May 2020) – Al-Haddad, in a statement to the Italian Nova agency on Wednesday, said that the GNA’s militants formed an operation room for the “liberation” of the oil crescent in eastern Libya. “Members of the operation room received advanced training with the help of the Turkish allies to manage combat operations and tasks to control and secure oil sites and installations,” stated Al-Haddad.

The military leader in the city of Misrata pointed out that the time has come to re-open the pipelines and export Libyan oil, pointing out that countries that have supported the GNA militants will have priority in benefiting from the Libyan economic resources.

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