Erdogan Wants to Establish a Large Military Base in Libya – Al Marsad

Al-Sayed Hani, a specialist in Turkish affairs, revealed the aim of Turkey’s involvement in Libya, saying: “Erdogan aims to build a military base and explore for oil and gas, not to save Sarraj’s government.”

(Libya, 22 May 2020) – Al-Sayed Hani, during a telephone interview with the Extra News Channel, reported by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustour on Thursday, said: “Turkey does not want to lose the battle in Libya because Libya has great resources, which Turkey is eyeing, in addition to its unique geographical location. Turkey tries to maintain its presence in the region and establish a large military base on Libyan soil.”

He explained that Turkey does not have enough energy sources and imports energy in billions. “Thus, Libya is a treasure that Turkey does not want to forfeit,” argued Al-Sayed asserting that mercenaries have become a feature of all wars in the region whether from Syria, Niger, and Chad. “There is also a covert conflict between the USA and Russia on the Libyan lands,” concluded the Egyptian specialist in Turkish affairs.

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