Issa Abdul-Qayyum: UNSMIL’s Statement Was a Green Light to Attack Tarhouna – Al Marsad

Writer, journalist, and political activist Issa Abdul-Qayyum commented on the insensitive statement published by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in conjunction with the launch of the failed attack today on the city of Tarhouna.

(Libya, 23 May 2020) – According to Issa Abdul-Qayyum the UNSMIL’s statement implied that the fall of Tarhouna was imminent and looked like a cautious encouragement to the “forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA)” to proceed with the attack but to avoid any reprisals against civilians, while it kept silent on the violations perpetrated by the same forces a day before in Alasaba.

Under the title “The Mission Recommends Euthanasia,” Abdul-Qayyum wrote:

“In a statement that was more like a green light, the UNSMIL urged foreign mercenaries and militias to ‘kill nicely’ in Tarhouna and not to annoy the victims or cause them any pain during the looting operation, which the UNSMIL demanded to be in accordance to certain criteria whose violators in Brak Al-Shati were never held accountable.

Putting on the cloak of priests and preachers, UNSMIL, which did not say a word in objection to the attack, recommended the killers to treat the defenseless civilians well. Yet, it is the same will that the fires and corpses in Tiji and Surman proved wrong and the same will according to which the kidnappers treated the family of the kidnapped girl Wisal!

We have known the civil state of Sarraj and his militias for a while and we are used to the silence of his entourage and supporters who call themselves media professionals and elites. We have come to know the redundant wording of the UNSMIL statements, which starts with expressing docile concern before each killing operation and then an accusation of an unknown person who mistakenly killed an unfortunate citizen here and there. Therefore, reliance on them is futile. As the saying goes, scratch where it itches and I say that only your own strength and barrel of your gun will help you out in this situation.”

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