Muslim Brotherhood’s Essam Omeish Says Turkey Must Help Against Russia’s “Crazy Steps” – Al Marsad

Esam Omeish, a leading Libyan American figure in the international network of the Muslim Brotherhood, said that the situation in Libya foretells dangerous developments, the most dangerous of which is the Russian role and its expected steps.

(Libya, 23 May 2020) – Esam Omeish said during an intervention in the Evening Wrap-up show broadcast on the Islamist Libya Al-Ahrar channel, which is broadcast from Turkey and funded by Qatar, that “victories on the ground” have significantly changed the Libyan scene and provided an opportunity for the Government of National Accord (GNA) to extend its control over the entire Libyan soil. “This has disturbed the supporters of the military project in Libya,” argued Omeish.

He said that the so-called “victories” would bring many political changes as evidenced now by the international calls for a ceasefire and return to political dialogue used to maintain what he described as “the military coup project in Libya” (the armed forces’ advance to the capital).

“The Libyan stakeholders and the GNA should be aware of this and should establish political visions expeditiously to resolve the situation in Libya and find a political way out. However, the coup project must not be given any opportunity,” added the Libyan American Islamist leader.

Omeish argued that Libyan diplomacy should move very quickly and the first steps should be to mitigate the “excessive Russian interference”. “The presence of the Turkish partner with the GNA helps in the area of ​​diplomacy and political reading that would curb the crazy steps that Russia might take. We need also to work with the European Union,” claimed Omeish.

He went on to say: “The international position is not one and we must deal with that. Although all parties seek stabilization in Libya, there are variegated interpretations of the outcome of such envisaged stability. Will this result in successes for specific countries? Each country has its justifications and objectives. However, stability requires a stable elected government and a civil state. We do not want military hegemony because it will not lead to stability,” stated Omeish.

He stressed the danger of the conflicting interests of countries capable of metamorphosing the situation. “The GNA has the upper hand now due to the military victories and its desire to control the entire Libyan soil should remain a motive.”

He added: “The intensity of international interventions is now higher especially by the parties that have been wreaking havoc and destabilizing Libya. They are still willing to spoil the scene. These are the supporters of Haftar who has become dispensable.”

In the interview Omeish stressed that the current endeavour should be the search for a settlement that can at least satisfy the parties that had “lost the battle”, and to reshape the Libyan scene through a political path that benefits from the military gains achieved by the GNA and sets frameworks for dealing with allies who can influence the Libyan political situation.

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