US Embassy Calls for Immediate De-Escalation in Libya and Return to 5+5 negotiations – Al Marsad

The US Embassy in Libya confirmed that it shares the concern of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) about the military mobilization around the city of Tarhouna.

(Libya, 22 May 2020) – The US Embassy made it clear, according to its official Twitter account, that there was absolutely no place for attacks on civilians, looting, or acts of retribution. It concluded its statement by stating, “It is time for all parties in Libya to immediately deescalate and return to UN-led negotiations in the 5+5 format.”

Both UNSMIL and US Embassy’s statements followed the violations that took place inside the city of Alasaba after the GNA militants entered it. Eyewitnesses from inside the city confirmed revenge acts, burning houses, and arresting many citizens on charges of supporting the armed forces.

A diplomatic source confirmed to Al Marsad that UNSMIL has opened an investigation in the violations that took place in Alasaba afte GNA’s militants entered it on Thursday 20 May 2020, adding that the United States, Britain, and France will also open separate investigations on the same events.

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