LNA Captures Syrian ISIS Terrorist Al-Buwaidani in Tripoli Fighting with the GNA Militias – Al Marsad

The spokesperson for the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, said that LNA army units south of Tripoli captured a key Syrian ISIS leader, Muhammad al-Buwaidani, who was fighting with the militias of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

(Libya, 25 May 2020) – During a press conference on Sunday, Major General Ahmed al-Mismari indicated that the army units at the Tripoli axes arrested the Syrian ISIS member Muhammad alBuwaidani, known as Abu Bakr al-Buwaidani, one of the most dangerous ISIS operatives in Syria.

He confirmed that al-Buwaidani had moved to Libya under the auspices of the Turkish intelligence service as Emir of the Legion of the Levant. The Libyan National Army (LNA) arrested him while fighting with Sarraj militias led by Turkish officers on the Tripoli frontlines.

Al-Mismari saw this as further evidence of the connection between Erdogan, ISIS, and the extremist groups in general.



The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Rami Abdulrahman, said on al-Buwaidani, arrested in Tripoli on Sunday, that he was a leader of the Legion of the Levant which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood. “He joined them in 2016 after leaving ISIS against the background of the latter’s dispute with Al-Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front,” stated Abdulrahman.

“Ironically enough, this person had praised them in one of his tweets in 2014 and wished that ISIS would spread to the whole world. Despite that, one of the scholars affiliated with the pro-Turkey opposition, claims that Bashar Al-Assad’s regime handed over the ISIS leader to Haftar’s forces and that he was detained in the Al-Assad’s prisons. However, the fact is that he was killing Syrians in Afrin before he was transferred to fight in Libya,” added SOHR director.

Al-Buwaidani’s tweet in which he hopes that the terrorist organization ISIS will extend throughout the world.

The tweet said:

Abu Bakr Al-Buwaidhani (@ AbuBkr54321)

By God’s will, it will extend to the entire world and the Caliphate shall prevail.

September 01, 2014, at 06:58 pm

In Afrin he killed and tortured Kurdish civilians and looted their homes. He was also accused of kidnapping and raping women.

Abdulrahman said that those recruited in Libya are Erdogan’s mercenaries and are not Syrians because they are loyal to him and that Erdogan’s sponsored Shabiha (militia thugs) are resentful oF SOHR’s continued exposure of the transfer of mercenaries to Libya, as he put it.

Al-Buwaidani pledged allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria after leaving ISIS following a conflict between ISIS and Al-Nusra Front affiliated with Al-Qaeda

“Our documented numbers indicate the arrival of more than 10,000 Syrian mercenaries to Libya in addition to hundreds of ISIS members shipped by Turkey.”

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