Al-Shatshat: Turkey’s Political and Military Expansion in Libya Threatens Europe’s Security – Al Marsad

Jamal Al-Shatshat, a professor of political science at the University of Benghazi, said that the reports from major European newspapers on Turkish interference in Libya being a direct threat to the security of Europe, is a well-founded fear of turning Libya into an arena an inevitable clash of interests between Europe and Turkey.

(Libya, 26 May 2020) – In an interview with Independent Arabia, Professor Jamal Al-Shatshat said: “The diverse interests of major European countries, such as France, Germany, and Italy are now highly threatened by Turkey’s political and military expansion in Libya. This may foretell a clash between them to defend their respective interests.”

“The recent increasing spate of statements by Turkey and the Government of National Accord (GNA) on the latter’s intention to grant special concessions to Ankara in the form of large investments in Libya’s oil and gas sector, have raised European concerns about an imminent Turkish control of vital supplies from Libyan energy sources.” Al-Shatshat said that this was dangerous because it “constitutes an important part of the imports for the European countries and their companies.”

Al-Shatshat stressed that the issue of energy resources in the Mediterranean and the Turkish-European competition to dominate them, along with illegal immigration, the flow of radical foreign fighters to Libya on Turkish aircrafts, and fears of these fighters infiltrating Europe, all constitute real concerns for the leaders of the Old Continent.

He also expected that these European concerns would lead to a direct clash with Turkey if it does not backtrack on its ambitions in Libya. He warned of a broad European move to curb the danger posed by Erdogan’s policies in Libya. “This may start with broader activation of the EU naval Operation IRINI to ensure stricter implementation of the international resolutions geared to prevent the supply of arms and fighters to Tripoli,” concluded Professor Al-Shatshat

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