Hamroush: Turkey Has been Shipping Militiamen and Weapons Between Libya and Syria Since 2011 – Al Marsad

The former Minister of Health in the Libyan Transitional Government, Fatima Hamroush, said that Turkey has been the gateway and link for the transport of militias and military equipment between Libya and Syria since 2011.

(Libya, 25 May 2020) – In a post on her Facebook page, Hamroush wrote: “We should not forget Liwaa Al-Ummah led by Libyans and supported by Libyan mercenaries and weapons in 2011 to fight against the regime in Syria. Turkey had been the key facilitator in this regard.” Liwaa alUmma is a jihadist group founded by Mahdi Al-Harati, the Islamist former mayor of Tripoli.

“Today, this is our merchandise turned back to us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and the first offender is the worse of the two. To avoid any misinterpretation of my words as siding with a particular party, I state here that those who facilitated and supported the intervention of the Libyan militias in the Syrian affairs are responsible for the destruction and diaspora unfolding today in the Libyan territories. Therefore, they must be held accountable. Where are they today then?” said Amroush.

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