Muslim Brotherhood’s Esam Omeish Praises Erdogan for Defending the “Civil State” in Libya – Al Marsad

Esam Omeish, a leading Libyan American Islamist figure in the international network of the Muslim Brotherhood, thanked the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for what he did and provided to Libya to defend the “civil state”.

(Libya, 26 May 2020) – The comments were made by Esam Omeish at a meeting of Muslim community leaders with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan under the auspices of the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) and its Secretary-General Osama Al-Jammal and the participation of Serdar Kılıç, the Turkish Ambassador to the US.

Omeish wrote in a post on his Facebook page, “I participated as a representative of the Muslim American Society (MAS), one of the largest Islamic institutions operating in the US in terms of members and branches. I availed myself of the opportunity to thank His Excellency the Turkish President who congratulated the Muslim community and affirmed the important relations between Turkey and the United States of America and the role of the American Muslim community in establishing bridges of cooperation between our the US homeland and Turkey. I congratulated our Turkish brothers and sisters on Eid Al-Fitr”.

Omeish pointed out that he thanked Erdogan for what he has been providing to Libya through “his steadfast stance with the Libyan people in their fierce battle against tyranny and state militarization, and his support for the civil state, stability, and the rule of law.”

Omeish, whose name is in a list issued by a Libyan parliamentary committee of 75 terrorists for his affiliation with the Revolutionary Shura Council, an Islamist opposition group affiliated with Al Qaeda. indicated that Erdogan expressed his strong opposition to what he described as the “Haftar’s coup project, his attack on innocents, and his incessant attempts to destabilize Libya” (the armed forces’ advance to the capital), as he claimed.

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