Tunisian Democratic Current Party Says Ghannouchi’s Call with Sarraj Contravenes His Powers as Speaker – Al Marsad

The Democratic Current Party affirmed that the Speaker of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People of Tunisia, Rachid al-Ghannouchi has exceeded his powers in terms of diplomatic relations, violated the stipulations of the constitution, and contravened the Bylaws of the Tunisian People’s Assembly.

(Libya, 27 May 2020) – “The phone call he made with Fayez Al-Sarraj, the head of Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA), to congratulate him on the victory over Khalifa Haftar’s forces exceeds his powers as the Speaker of the People’s Assembly,” stated Reda Al-Zoghmi, a member of parliament (MP) for the Democratic Current Party.

Al-Zoghmi indicated in a statement to the Russian Sputnik news agency that foreign relations are the exclusive jurisdiction of the executive authority represented by the President of the Republic and the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as stipulated in Chapter 77 of the Tunisian Constitution.

He pointed out that the decisions of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People of Tunisia must be taken only at plenary sessions and with the approval of the majority of MPs. Ghannouchi therefore took “a unilateral decision without referring to the MPs who elected him. Invoking parliamentary diplomacy here is misplaced because it is limited to cooperation between parliaments and parliamentary groups according to the diplomatic and international law. Thus, the Speaker cannot interfere in determining the foreign policy options of the Tunisian state,” asserted the MP for the Democratic Current Party.

“As representatives of the Democratic Current Partyand the rest of the democratic bloc, we denounced such actions and called on the Speaker to abide by his powers stipulated in the bylaws and the requirements of parliamentary action,” added Al-Zoghmi.

He noted that the upcoming parliamentary session scheduled next week would focus on the Tunisian position vis-à-vis the Libyan issue.

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