Al-Ghazwi: Our Heroes Taught Pro-Turkish Libyan and Syrian Militias a Harsh Lesson Today – Al Marsad

Major General Mabrouk Al-Ghazwi, Commander of the Western Region Operations Group, announced today that the Libyan National Army (LNA) repelled today a major attack by the militias along various axes south of the capital, Tripoli. “The armed forces gave them a lesson that they will not forget and inflicted on them heavy casualties and injuries,” said Al-Ghazwi.

(Libya, 28 May 2020) – Major General Mabrouk Al-Ghazwi said that the attack involved at least 1,500 Syrian mercenaries, according to the confessions of a prisoner captured today, in addition to several other “Libyan pro-Turkish militias.”

He added that this act cost the attacking forces heavy casualties, with a death toll of more than 60 Libyans and Syrians, including prominent leaders of both nationalities, in addition to wounding more than 100. This forced the hospitals receiving them to call for blood donation.

Al-Ghazwi expressed his regret that several Libyan militiamen were killed while trying to save a group of besieged invading Turkish officers before they too were killed. “The attacking groups withdrew after the killing of the Turkish-Syrian group,” stated the Commander of the Western Region Operations Group.

Al-Ghazwi praised the “heroic actions of the armed forces, including commissioned and non-commissioned officers and soldiers,” stressing that they are from all regions of Libya who join ranks to confront the Turkish aggression deluded by neo-Ottomanism and their heretic Syrian mercenaries, as he put it.

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