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Member of the advisory High Council of the State and of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP), Amna Emtair has endorsed the need to develop cooperation with Turkey, Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Kuwait.

(Libya, 28 May 2020) – In a post on her Facebook page, Emtair argued that only the Turks, and Qataris in “some fields”, can stand in the way of Russia, France, Iran, Israel, and Egypt’s support for Haftar.

She considered that the language of interests is an acceptable component of the international politics, and there is nothing wrong with following the Qatari example in securing the state by inviting the Turks and granting them projects and bases in Libya, provided that they face the Russians, the West, and those who claim to be Arabs.

She added, “If Russia decides to continue its tampering with Libya’s security, then it and its president must prepare for incurring pain. Think very deeply and distinguish between the enemy and friend very clearly. I do not think that Russia will go far in its war with us, but the Turks know the game more clearly than others do.”

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