Islamist Abdulaziz Says Aguila Saleh’s Initiative is Unacceptable – Al Marsad

The former member of the General National Congress (GNC) for the Justice and Construction Party (JCP), Mahmoud Abdulaziz, said that there are continuous and important advances by the militants of the Government of National Accord (GNA) at Ain Zara and Wadi Al-Rabie.

(Libya, 27 May 2020) – Mahmoud Abdulaziz, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure, said during a special coverage broadcast on Al-Tanasuh channel yesterday that what he described as “victories” were achieved thanks to the strenuous efforts of the “GNA’s forces” and the withdrawal of the so-called “Russian mercenaries”.

He pointed out that the progress made during the past two days is important and did not happen over the past months, saying that it would tighten the stranglehold on the city of Tarhouna and be a game changer “during the coming hours.”

On the agreement between Russia and Turkey to withdraw the so-called “Russians” leaving “Haftar’s militias” (Libyan armed forces) facing their fate, Abdulaziz commented: “The withdrawal of Wagner’s mercenaries and the materiel they took with them, including air defense systems, raises suspicions. Their triangular stationing south of Bani Walid and at the airport does not seem like returning to their country; there are understandings. Although every war has its logic, the problem is that Russia does not fight formally but rather has informal forces on the ground, which it used to pressure to achieve the interests of specific lobbies in Moscow.”

“I assure the Libyans that we are going to liberate the south of Tripoli. They have misled Tarhouna, put it in a difficult position, and then abandoned it. The entire eastern region does not want Haftar because they know now he has been deceiving them, that the battle was not easy, and that Tripoli was not up for grabs.”

He went on, “Currently, they have embraced initiatives such as that of Aguila. However, we have asserted that the only feasible initiatives now are those of the Volcano of Anger. Aguila Saleh has supported the war on Tripoli. Therefore, he has no right to submit any initiatives. If Aguila Saleh and those with him want to live in Libya, they must listen to the voice of the Volcano of Anger because it is the voice of truth.”

Abdulaziz stated that the statements of the commander of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) are late. “They only issued statements after they knew of the Russian scrap sent through Syria to support Haftar (Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Haftar). These statements are in their interest rather than ours. AFRICOM does not make statements without purpose. They come after long reflection and are usually followed by practical steps to prevent the Russian fighter aircraft from entering the battle,” concluded Abdulaziz.

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