Russian Ambassador Values Algeria’s Role in Settlement of the Libyan Crisis – Al Marsad

Russia’s Ambassador to Algeria, Igor Belyaev, indicated on Wednesday that Moscow values highly Algeria’s role in contributing to the settlement of the Libyan crisis, adding that Russia is interested in supporting intensive dialogue on this issue at various levels.

(Libya, 28 May 2020) – Ambassador Igor Belyaev said in an interview with the Russian Sputnik news agency, commenting on the cooperation of the two countries in the issue of the Libyan crisis: “In Moscow, we appreciate Algeria’s role in settling the Libyan crisis and we are interested in supporting the intensive dialogue on this issue at various levels.”

The Russian ambassador added, “Both capitals have consistently advocated an early end of the confrontation between brothers in Libya and an immediate resumption of Libyan talks aimed at finding a solution to the protracted crisis that suits the Libyans themselves and achieves stability in this country.”

The ambassador also pointed out that Russia views Algeria as one of the main and most influential players in the MENA region.

He stated that Russia and Algeria have close and even identical positions on the main international issues, stressing that Russia will spare no effort to facilitate resolving the Libya crisis in coordination with all Libyan parties and the interested members of the international community.

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