Central Bank Benghazi Refutes US Embassy and State Department Allegations on Counterfeit Currency – Al Marsad

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) in Benghazi issued an explanation regarding the currency printed in Russia and seized by the Maltese authorities in 2019 and on which the US State Department decided to bring to light last Friday as if it was a new development.

(Libya, 30 May 2020) – In a step that raises doubts about its intention, the US State Department and its Embassy in Libya focused again on the shipment of the currency printed in Russia for the Central Bank of Belarus which was confiscated by Maltese authorities. They announced their support for the Maltese measures taken in October last year, and changed the seized amount as if trying to present this event as a new seizure.


The CBL confirmed, according to its media office, that the shipment referred to by the US State Department and its Embassy in Libya is an old issue and not a new one.

The CBL disclosed that it had engaged a law firm to follow up on the matter with the Maltese authorities, which, when unable to face legal facts, confiscated that money and did not return it to Russia. It indicated that it will publish a detailed statement on this issue on Sunday.

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