Mismari Says M60 Tanks Arrived in Misrata Port on a Turkish Cargo Ship – Al Marsad

General Ahmed Al-Mismari announced today, Tuesday, that the armed forces reconnaissance units detected a suspicious journey of a cargo ship of a company named CIRKIN owned by the Turkish state since 2014 which was carrying M60 tanks.

(Libya, 2 May 2020) – In his statement, Al-Mismari indicated that the ship left Istanbul to Libya on around 20-21 May 2020, and arrived in Misrata Port on 28 May at 10:55 am.

He added: “It is suspicious that Turkish frigates were close to the vessel. Moreover, on 29 May, the day after the ship arrived, there were various tweets thanking Turkey for sending the M60 tanks. They published a picture of a truck carrying a military vehicle that looked like a tank near Misrata.”

Al-Mismari went on to say: “Others thanked Qatar for sending the M60 tanks. It is also likely that a Qatari C17 plane has also transported the M60 shipment. An Italian ship was also spotted within 10 nautical miles near the Turkish ship without intercepting it; the Italian ship was not part of the EU’s Operation IRINI.”

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