Sadiq al-Gharyani: 5+5 Negotiations are a Lifeline for Haftar; February Revolution Should Be a Reference Point – Al Marsad

Radical pro-Turkey Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani said that there is no neutrality in the battle and that scholars and preachers of Misrata should align with the real battle and offer advice and support those he described as “the people of the truth” and who do not leave the country to the enemy.

(Libya, 5 June 2020) – The radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani, while a host on Islam and Life show broadcast on his Al-Tanasuh channel on Wednesday, directed his message to the militants of the Government of National Accord (GNA), and the elites, politicians, and notables concerned with Libya’s best interests that “February revolution” is dying in the intensive care unit after “the enemy” inside and outside united to undermine it.

He added: “When the battle ends, and even from now, we must turn to February and support its principles and goals, which they corrupted, distorted, and made people hate it, notably freedom, justice, and decision ownership. Concerning freedom, we can say we have achieved it partially in the media. However, there is a more important matter, which is security and justice. We are still far from this; people are still hunted because of opinion.”

“The other principle of February is decision ownership, which is fundamental in people’s freedoms. The people must own their decision and monitor those who rule them and hold them accountable. The person in office must own his decision and not truckle to any international dictations. The country is on the verge of an abyss during this sinister transitional period, supported by the UN, which has brought us to individual and totalitarian rule.”

Gharyani said that the international community, including the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), knows what is going on in Libya and wants these conditions, transitional periods, and wars to continue in the country, and that “major powers know that regional countries interfere in Libya. They know what these countries do and condone that for two reasons. The first is to prevent the state from owning its decisions and not to be free from foreign domination and control. The second is that wars are beneficial to them.”

He went on saying: “If the UN wants a solution in Libya and that the political agreement should be the basis for that, as they claim, Haftar should have been arrested from the first day, arrested, expelled, and his US citizenship withdrawn. However, they have been for many years sending him arms, dealing with him, and providing him with experts, planes, and everything required to keep killing. This is clear and incontrovertible proof that the UN and its projects are hostile to Libya. The 5+5 negotiations are a lifeline, which they want to throw to Haftar because he is drowning so that he can catch his breath and continue killing Libyans. I hope the wise, the fighters, and the revolutionaries who have paid a heavy price for the sake of a futile war imposed by the international community without justification and based on lies and illusions. I ask them to return to February and choose a political way to represent February.”

The pro-Turkish radical cleric who resides in Istanbul, demanded the people of Libya, the militants of the GNA, all the elites, and all stakeholders resort to “February” and form a political front to defend it and have a foothold within the current trends.

“The jihad to repel the aggressor is an obligation that divides into two types: defense and attack. The defense jihad is like the one that exists now in our country and the repelling of criminals and mercenaries. This is for everyone who is capable and does not need permission from anyone, especially when declaring the general alarm. This does not need permission from parents and others and all are capable of doing it, either by arms, food, money, and serving and supporting the front,” added the cleric.

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