Turkish Drones Bombs Civilians South of Sirte, Commits the Second Massacre in Days – Al Marsad

Turkish drones have perpetrated another massacre on Friday south of Sirte, only days since their drones massacred a family of 12 members, including women and children, in al-Manara neighborhood in Qasr bin Ghashir.

(Libya, 7 June 2020) – An eyewitness confirmed to Al Marsad that a Turkish drone bombed and killed Mesbah Faraj al-Suwaidi Al-Qaddafi, the owner of the Bohadi restaurant, and a family, including women and children, who may be among the displaced from Tarhouna but they could not be identified.


Al Marsad confirmed that Mesbah Al-Qaddafi was at the site of the bombing to receive the displaced families from the city of Tarhouna to Abu Hadi area, south of Sirte.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish drones committed a massacre late Wednesday against  Al-Lafi family, including women and children, in Qasr bin Ghashir, south of Tripoli, specifically in al-Manara area.

Muhammad al-Lafi, one of the survivors of the Turkish bombing, revealed in a video clip that 4 raids by Turkish drone directly targeted his family and killing 12 members in a horrific.

Al-Lafi, who clearly in a state of shock while recounting the massacre, confirmed that his brother’s head was separated due to the shelling while many other family members, including children, were in a critical condition at Tarhouna Hospital.

The pictures circulated on the social media of the bodies that the family managed to retrieve reveal the ugliness of the massacre committed by what Muhammad al-Lafi described as “Sarraj’s planes” (or the Turkish drones supporting the militants of the Government of National Accor) let alone the serious injuries sustained by the survivors.

It is noteworthy that this massacre is not the first committed by the Turkish drones in Qasr bin Ghashir. They had earlier bombed a family who were inside their car area, killing all of them.

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