Sons of Libya Group Supports the Cairo Declaration; Warns Against Colonial Attempts to Steal Libya’s Wealth – Al Marsad

Sons of Libya Group (SLG) of intellectuals, political activists, diplomats, and media and other professionals issued its statement (No. 23) on the support of the Cairo Declaration launched by the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the presence of Libya’s Speaker Aguila Saleh and Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Haftar to resolve the Libyan crisis and reach a sustainable ceasefire.

(Libya, 8 June 2020) – In its statement, the Sons of Libya Group (SLG) warned of the exceptional circumstances that the country was going through in terms of the attempts to restore the glories of the ancient empires at the expense of Libya’s freedom and independence with the help of traitors.

The SLG expressed their stance against all attempts of colonialism, domination, and stealing Libya’s resources under the pretext of flimsy arguments and slogans. The Group also asserted their full support for the initiative of the Arab Republic of Egypt issued on Saturday 6 June 2020, to resolve the Libyan crisis.

“The Egyptian initiative builds on the meetings held in Paris, Palermo, and Abu Dhabi, and the outcomes of the Berlin Conference. The SLG asserts that the only solution to the Libyan crisis must be through political dialogue and that all Libyan parties need to sit at the negotiating table to spare Libya the scourge of war, destruction, and displacement.”

The statement called on the international community, the influential States, and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to support the initiative and implement its provisions as regards enforcing a sustainable ceasefire and obliging the various states to stop the supply of weapons to all warring parties and withdraw all mercenaries.

“In these circumstances, we can only extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude to the leadership, government, and people of the Arab Republic of Egypt for their efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis and their continuous support for all efforts geared towards preserving Libya’s security and safety,” concluded the SLG’s statement.



Aref Ali Nayed

Mohamed Mukhtar al-Ghannai

Abdul Ghani Hassan al-Oraibi

Amal Ibrahim Jalloul

Maari Aguila Shuerbat

Abu Bakr Mohamed Ermila

Abdullah Mohamed al-Rabo

Fawzi Mohamed al-Ghannai

Mohamed Ahmed Deira

Mabrouka Suleiman Jibril

Ali Mohamed al-Raqeei

Mohamed Saad Embarak

Leila Abu Saif Yassin

Radwan Younis al-Fitouri

Abdul-Rahim Zanqi al-Janjan

Khaled Idris al-Hijazi

Mohamed Salem Embarak

Hajar Mohamed al-Gayed

Suleiman Salem al-Shahoumi