Omar al-Mukhtar’s Tribe to Erdogan: We Will Expel Turkish Invaders from Libya as Our Ancestors Did – Al Marsad

The Libyan Arab al-Manfa tribe condemned the use by Erdogan of the name of the Libyan hero, Omar al-Mukhtar, who descended from their tribe, to legitimize Turkey’s war in Libya.

Libyan hero Omar Al-Mukhar (1858–1931)

(Libya, 9 June 2020) – In an address today Turkey’s President Erdogan said: “The grandchildren of the lion of the desert Omar al-Mukhtar defeated those who wanted to invade Libya with mercenaries. Putchist (Haftar) is looking for a place to hide now. We will support our brothers in Libya until all country is at peace.”

The response against Erdogan’s statement was swift. The tribe of the legendary Libyan freedom fighter and hero Omar al-Mukhtar, the Manfa tribe, said in a statement issued from its centre in Bi’r al-Ashhab area on behalf of the Council of Elders that it has been watching the flagrant violations that war crimes at the hands of the leader of the Turkish invasion Recep Erdogan. The tribe denounced Erdogan’s words today, and said that they would  continue “to support the descendants of Omar al-Mukhtar in their war against terrorists arriving to the country from far and wide.”

The statement added, “We (the members of the tribe) denounce in the strongest terms these statements, especially that Turkish drones are killing the descendants of the Mujahid Omar bin Mukhtar bin Omar al-Manfi al-Hilali, the moderate Arab Muslim mujahid. His name should not be pronounced by a deranged person who licenses prostitution, depravity, and immorality.”

Copy of the statement issued by al-Manfa tribe, the descendants of Omar Al-Mukhtar, against the comments made by Erdogan

The tribe expressed surprise at the insolence of Erdogan’s statements given that he sends thousands of mercenaries and foreign terrorists to fight in Libya, because none of the descendants of al-Mukhtar who he mentioned today would fight for him and for his obscurantist agenda in the region.

The statement concluded by stating: “We (the members of al-Manfa tribe) assert that we shall harness all our capabilities in terms of men and equipment to expel the Turkish invaders from Libya, as our ancestors did in the past. We follow their path and the invaders will find only death that will follow them in every inch of this pure land. We also confirm our support for the recently announced Egyptian initiative and call on our sisterly Egypt to move forward and fulfil the duty of fraternity and neighbourliness against this all-out Ottoman invasion. ”

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