Al-Sayeh and Norland Agree the HNEC is to Prepare for Post-Ceasefire Elections – Al Marsad

Emad al-Sayeh, Chairperson of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), briefed on Monday the US Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, on the HNEC’s role as an independent institution mandated with preparing for peaceful and credible elections in Libya.

(Libya, 9 June 2020) – According to its media office, the US Embassy indicated that in the light of the increased likelihood of reaching a ceasefire and kicking off a genuine political dialogue in the coming days, Ambassador Norland and al-Sayeh agreed that the HNEC should be ready and should receive the due support to undertake such an effort.

The Embassy stressed that the US will maintain its partnership with the HNEC so that all Libyans can register to vote and participate fully in electing the future leaders of Libya.

Ambassador Norland also congratulated al-Sayeh for his commitment and courage in working to consolidate electoral democracy in Libya.

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