Brigadier Alwani: Erdogan Seeks to Control Sirte Due to its Strategic Location on the Mediterranean – Al Marsad

Brigadier General Sharaf al-Din al-Alwani, a Libyan military expert, said that Erdogan seeks to control the city of Sirte due to its strategic importance and its location on the Mediterranean, in addition to having two important air and sea bases.

(Libya, 12 June 2020) – Al-Alwani indicated in a recent statement to Al-Ain newspaper that the importance of the military and strategic city of Sirte is due to the Gulf of Sirte, which divides Libya into literally two halves. Sirte is the top of a triangle of the three Libyan regions: it is 280 km from the south to Waddan, then Al-Jufra, which is the gate to the south, and almost the same distance to Misrata in the west, and the Oil Crescent and the Cyrenaica region at a distance of only 120 km.

He pointed out that controlling Sirte for either party means controlling the south and east entrances, and also controlling oil and gas fields and exports. He stressed that Sirte is the gate to the Oil Crescent in Libya, which is why everyone fights desperately to control it.

He also warned that Turkey may upscale the battle with a sea landing after Erdogan’s threat to occupy the Oil Crescent, Sirte, and Ajdabiya.

Al-Alwani urged the Libyan National Army (LNA) to exhaust the enemy by taking advantage of the open air space as much as possible and protect the southern axes to prevent Sarraj militias from circumventing the forces from al-Qaddahiyah side of the Great River road of Abu-Hadi-Sirte.

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