Kajman Urges Sovereign Bodies Against Adopting Presidential Council Resolutions Without Formal Minutes – Al Marsad

In a further sign that all is not well within the Presidential Council and the Government of National Accord (GNA), Abdul-Salam Kajman, who is a member of the Presidential Council and belongs to the Justice and Construction Party (JCP), demanded that no political, security, financial, or administrative resolution taken by the Presidential Council is adopted if it violates the provisions of its formation and those of the Skhirat Agreement.

(Libya, 12 June 2020) – The Muslim Brotherhood member of the Presidential Council Abdul-Salam Kajman, in a letter addressed to the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), the Libyan Audit Bureau, the Administrative Control Authority, and the Ministry of Finance, requested them to ensure the constitutional, legal, and procedural validity of the resolutions and to regulate the workflow in the Presidential Council.

Kajman called on all bodies not to adopt any political, security, or financial resolutions issued in the name of the Presidential Council if they are not based on formal minutes of a meeting that has a date and number. This indicates that any resolution not issued as per these procedures contravenes the provisions of the Constitutional Declaration, the terms of the Political Agreement, and the laws and legislation in force.

According to the Islamist Al-Raed network and Libya Panorama channel, Kajman also called on the Presidential Council to take a serious stance to rectify the performance of the Government of National Accord (GNA). He said GNA’s poor performance is apparent and could not be ignored, and that it failed to fulfil its duties to build and activate state institutions according to a clear work programme.

He said that the so-called “difficult circumstances” in the past forced the GNA to focus on only one issue but continuing this approach was now unjustifiable, calling on the President and members of the Presidential Council to take a corrective pause before it was too late, as he put it.

“The time has come to conduct a comprehensive review of our management of the State and implementation of our tasks under the terms of the Political Agreement. The lack of compliance by the parties emanating from the Political Agreement and the oversight and security bodies has resulted in the wars, divisions, and violations of legitimacy that have affected the country,” concluded Kajman.

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