Abdel-Hadi Dara: Liberation of Sirte is a Must – Al Marsad

Misratan leader and spokesperson for the Presidential Council’s Joint Operations Room Sirte-Jufra, Abdel-Hadi Dara, said that the city of Sirte is a red line for them and they must “liberate” it.

(Libya, 16 June 2020) – In a statement to the Turkish Anadolu Agency (AA) on Monday, Abdel-Hadi Dara said that the militants of the Government of National Accord (GNA) paid a heavy price during the liberation of Sirte from ISIS back in 2016.

He pointed out that the GNA’S militants managed to retake control of the town of Wishka from “Haftar’s militias” (the Libyan armed forces) in just one hour but they had to withdraw to locations 30 kilometers from Sirte because of the minefields allegedly planted by the armed forces and the intense air attacks on their militants.

Dara called on the residents, prominent opinion leaders, and the influential families in Sirte to contribute to removing the so-called “Haftar’s militias and mercenaries” from Sirte and join the GNA in its efforts.

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