Ahmed Aboul Gheit: Turkey’s Interventions in Syria, Libya, and Iraq Reflect Anachronistic Territorial Expansionism – Al Marsad

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States (LAS), Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said in a statement yesterday that Turkish military interventions in the Arab lands, whether in Syria, Libya, or Iraq, have become a source of concern, rejection, and disapproval from all Arab countries. He said it reflected Turkey’s anachronistic territorial expansionism that no longer has a place in our contemporary world.

(Libya, 16 June 2020) – Aboul Gheit condemned the military operation launched by Turkey in northern Iraq, allegedly chasing elements of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). He stressed that the Turkish military intervention represents an attack on Iraqi sovereignty and is taking place without coordination with the government in Baghdad. Such actions reflect Ankara’s disdain for international law and its relations with its Arab neighbors.

“The Arab League Council adopted a resolution last March condemning the ongoing Turkish interventions in northern Iraq under the title “Taking a unified Arab position regarding the Turkish forces’ violation of Iraqi sovereignty”. The Arab countries unanimously agreed to the resolution except for only one country that had reservations. The resolution condemned the Turkish incursion into Iraqi territory as an attack on Iraqi sovereignty and a threat to Arab national security and called on the Turkish government to withdraw its forces immediately and unconditionally,” added Aboul Gheit.

The LAS Secretary-General concluded by saying: “The resolution also affirmed the support of the Iraqi government in any actions it may take as per the relevant rules of international law to make the Turkish government withdraw its forces from Iraqi territory and consolidate the sovereignty of the Iraqi government over all of its territory.”

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