US Ambassador Expresses Support for the Activities of the Amazigh Supreme Council – Al Marsad

The US Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, held virtual meetings with representatives of the Amazigh Supreme Council who briefed him on their ongoing efforts to promote equal rights for the Amazigh in Libya.

(Libya, 16 June 2020) – According to the US Embassy’s media office, Norland expressed his support for the activities carried out by the Amazigh Supreme Council to enhance civil participation, defend political and social rights, and improve educational attainment in Libya, including initiatives undertaken in partnership with the USAID partners since 2017.

Norland affirmed the US support for the UN-led efforts to promote a comprehensive political dialogue between the various components of the Libyan people, stressing that these efforts can be successful and legitimate only with the meaningful participation of Libya’s indigenous and ethnic communities, including the Libyan Amazighs, Tebu, and Tuareg.

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