Video: Gharyani Permits Killing LNA Prisoners and Withholding War Spoils from the GNA – Al Marsad

The former Mufti of the General National Congress (GNC) and removed by the House of Representatives (HOR) Sadiq al-Gharyani commented on the visit of the Turkish delegation to Libya stating that they have been expecting such moves for a long time. He appreciated the Government of National Accord (GNA) for receiving the Turkish delegation because this action supports a “friendly” country, which faces a fierce campaign by the international community because it stands with the GNA, as he put it. He also issued a controversial fatwa authorising the killing of LNA prisoners, contravening the Geneva Conventions and Islamic Law.

(Libya, 19 June 2020) – Hosted at Islam and Life show aired on the Islamist Al-Tanasuh channel yesterday, al-Gharyani claimed that Turkey bears a lot for Libya and the reception of a Turkish delegation is an implicit response to the international community to stop attacking Turkey because the legitimate government recognized by the international community receives the delegation. In this way, the GNA, argued the radical cleric it will shut up the so-called “enemies”, such as France, Italy, and Germany, as he put it.

He added: “We are in urgent need to cooperate with Turkey in various ways because the infrastructure of Libya is almost lost and state institutions do not exist. Therefore, such cooperation is a step on the road to building the Libyan state. It is natural and logical to cooperate with a brotherly country in these areas along with other countries in all fields, such as reconstruction, construction, training, etc. This is our right. It is impermissible for us to cooperate with our enemy if we can cooperate with our friends.”

Al-Gharyani considered the members of the Libyan National Army as kafirs (not Muslims) saying: “People must realize that what happened in Libya started when Haftar killed the people of Benghazi and Derna and seized oil and the cities of the south and Tripoli. Scholars must consider this an unprecedented calamity and thus they cannot apply the provisions mentioned in the old fiqh (jurisprudence) books on the treatment of aggressors. When we say these are aggressors, we infer that through the general provisions, which obliges us to fight them, but the details are multifaceted. They are not subject to the provisions on aggressors. These enemies are not disbelievers due to a wrong interpretation or so; they are outside the Sharia. They triumph over us by the help of the enemies of God and fight on behalf of a Zionist agenda. There must be a special ijtihad (independent reasoning) to deal with them and their spoils. Our fighters used their weapons and not those of the state and thus what they seize does not belong to the state but to them because they joined this battle with their own weapons and the state did not provide anything; it only called to war. The Muslim is not entitled to flee from the war and the preachers at mosques should invite those who have fled to be patient, enduring, and perform their duty.”

He added: “After the victory in the south of Tripoli, they want to steal it from us; they do not want us to be happy. Voices have risen from all sides. The frequency of the hasty statements from the western and eastern countries is unprecedented. They are in a feverish race with one demand: ceasefire because they felt terrified at what happened to Haftar. They would spare no effort to rescue him from his darkest days. They see that the alliance with Tobruk Parliament and Aguila differs from negotiating with Haftar. This is a weird fallacy to mislead people. Aguila and Tobruk Parliament are two sides of the same coin. Most Members of Parliament (MPs) live in Sharm el-Sheikh and Egypt. Their lusts, whims, and agreements with the enemy against us are clear. Aguila was the person who installed Haftar.”

“We should direct our efforts to complete the victory in Sirte, which is hampered by the atheist Russians who are planting mines in the region as they did in Tripoli. If the Russians leave Sirte, it will not stand for a day or two. This requires patience. I would like to draw the attention of the politicians, elites, and fighters not to be misled by statements. Where was the international community, which is currently begging to stop the fighting, when Tripoli was being bombed indiscriminately with more than 100 missiles in a single day? Those who fought and paid the high price should not surrender weapons because the enemy is still lurking and the cities that have been liberated still need great care. They need to remain stationed in their camps and positions because Tarhouna still needs a long time.”

“Never think that it is over in Tarhouna and that al-Kaniyat has ended when they left it. They must now have communication with the people of Tarhouna through their helpers there. We have seen how they treated whoever opposed them: they throw them in the well without fear of anything. Therefore, they have eyes and spies in Tarhouna and the cities that cooperate with them like Bani Walid, Alasaba, al-‘Urban, and Zintan. The battles are still long and never believe those who say that the war is over. They do not care about Libya or its cause. Most of them wish the calamity would persist and that we live in perpetual transitional periods during which people return to their places to prepare for us another war that will be fiercer than the first war.”

“They have to give the cities to their revolutionaries and reliable figures who believe in the cause of justice, truth, and February or choose whoever carries out these responsibilities in those cities. Then, when the situation settles, they should not dismiss and keep them away. They should work to find a clear and honest political body that represents them. The motto should be that a strong, trustworthy men are the best to choose. There must be a political entity that represents February and combines the strong, trustworthy, uncorrupt, those capable of taking decisions, confronting, and extracting the right from the international community.”

The radical Islamist cleric, who resides in Turkey, Sadiq al-Gharyani pointed out that what he described as the “enemies of the revolution” are numerous, including “Haftar’s mercenaries” who are fighting for money and have no principles and ethics that prevent them from committing any crime, and “supporters and agents of Gaddafi” whose interests overlapped with the first group, as he claimed.

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