Ihya Libya Movement to the Arab League: Withdraw Recognition of the Presidential Council – Al Marsad

The Ihya Libya Movement in a letter addressed to the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, requested the withdrawal of recognition from the Presidency Council of the Government of National (GNA), which it described as “tyrannical and insulting to the Libyan people”. 

(Libya, 22 June 2020) – The Ihya Libya Movement in a letter to the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, thanked the Arab League for standing by Libya and its people. It warned of the new colonial danger faced by the Libyan people because of the illegal and unratified treaties and agreement by the Presidential Council, bypassing the elected Libyan parliament which is the sole legislative legitimacy in Libya. Al Marsad reproduces here the whole letter in English:


His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit,
Secretary-General of the League of Arab States,

Further to our best greetings,

In this open letter, I have the honor to convey to your Excellency the highest consideration of the members of Ihya Libya Movement, a Libyan national bloc of academics, politicians and community leaders, who share a unified vision for Libya, the Ihya Libya Vision 2023, elaborated by a team of promising youth at the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies.

I would also like to convey to your Excellency our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your honorable national stances with our country, Libya, and its people who currently faces a new imminent colonial threat. This is ascribable to the audacity of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to sign illegal treaties and agreements not endorsed by the elected Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), which is the only legislative legitimacy in Libya. These illegal instruments have endangered the national security of Libya and its neighbors and are about to cause a terrifying regional collision and a bloody new civil war. Therefore, we appeal to your august house to consider the withdrawal of its recognition of the Presidential Council and its Government of National Accord, which have become a scourge on Libya and its people.

On 28 November 2019, our team addressed the former Special UN Special Envoy to Libya, Mr. Ghassan Salamé. We requested him to consider, seriously and urgently, the withdrawal of the UN recognition of the Presidential Council and its Government of National Accord, before further implicating Libya and the Libyan people in void agreements and MOUs with Turkey and others. This was then, and still is, for several reasons, notably the following:

  1. The Presidential Council is unelected and has not been appointed or endorsed by an elected body. It does not reflect the will of the people, which is the basis of legitimacy.
  2. The Presidential Council has twice failed to win the vote of confidence of the members of the elected legislative body, the Libyan House of Representatives, for its government. Moreover, the members of the Government of National Accord have not been sworn in before the elected Libyan House of Representatives.
  3. The Presidential Council has lost all the lawsuits proceeded against it in the Libyan courts, which, in several cases, ruled that the Presidential Council has “no legal capacity” and that its decisions, actions, and procedures are all void and invalid, and thus considered economic crimes that do not fall under the statute of limitation.
  4. The Presidential Council has lost many of its members through either resignations or boycotting. The decisions of the Presidential Council are supposed to be collective; thus, it has lost its legal status as an entity by losing most of its members.
  5. According to the Skhirat Libyan Political Agreement (which has never been included in the Constitutional Declaration), the tenure of the Presidential Council is one year renewable for another year at most. Notwithstanding, the Presidential Council has almost completed its fifth year of monopolizing power without any legal or consensual basis.
  6. The Presidential Council exercises its effective authority on less than 10% of the Libyan territories, and less than 1% of Libya’s natural resources and wealth. Yet, it takes advantage of the international recognition to control 100% of the Libyan people’s financial resources by fully acquiring the international signatures of the Central Bank of Libya through its Governor who has been twice dismissed by the Libyan House of Representatives and who has exceeded his stipulated term in office by years.
  7. The Presidential Council has unlawfully, and without any endorsement or authorization by the Libyan House of Representatives, spent, squandered, and seized the public funds of the Libyan state.
  8. The Presidential Council has been involved in using the public funds of the Libyan people to finance terrorist groups, such as the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council, the Derna Shura Council, and others.
  9. On 28 November 2019, this Presidential Council once again dared, without the approval of the Libyan House of Representatives, to sign dubious and ambiguous bilateral agreements and treaties with the Republic of Turkey—documents that are vague in their content and suspicious in their consequences. They have resulted in bringing in more than ten thousand mercenary terrorists to Libya let alone tons of weapons, materiel, and ammunition, in flagrant violation of the arms embargo imposed on Libya under successive Security Council resolutions.

In view of the above, it is time for the United Nations to apply international standards for the recognition of executive powers to the Presidential Council and its Government of National Accord. If those standards were actually applied, it would be clear to everyone that this Presidential Council is a de facto government whose status, in reality, has collapsed; thus, the United Nations should have withdrawn its recognition years ago.

Withdrawing the international recognition would put an end to the ongoing process of entangling an entire people, stopping the despotic actions and unjust squandering of the resources of the Libyan people by a party that lacks any legal or constitutional ground to govern, according to the rulings of the Libyan judiciary.

As we are looking forward to your important meeting of the esteemed League of Arab States tomorrow, we hope that our League of Arab States will be proactive in withdrawing its recognition of this tyrannical and futile Presidential Council and its Government of National Accord that has been wasting the capabilities of the Libyan people.

Kindly accept our highest esteem and appreciation for considering this proposal during your deliberations in tomorrow’s sessions.

Dr. Aref Ali Nayed

Head of Ihya Libya Movement