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The global network of the Muslim Brotherhood lost a key case it filed in the United States against the head of the Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Movement, Dr. Aref Ali Nayed. The lawyer of the plaintiffs asked the court to drop the lawsuit after he confronted overwhelming arguments by Nayed’s legal team. Following the court verdict, Nayed asked the legal team to pursue cases before the courts in the US and other countries, and take all legal measures against all attempts of slander and defamation by the Muslim Brotherhood’s lobby in the US through their associations, recruits, channels, platforms, electronic armies, and trolls in Turkey, and all their international centers.

(Libya, 27 June 2020) – Muslim Brotherhood leaders announced their connection to the case even though it was filed in the name of persons residing in Libya and not in the US. The case was accompanied by a media campaign launched by the Muslim Brotherhood international network of channels and platforms to use the case and the summons of the US judiciary politically against Nayed who never ceased attacking them even after filing the case. Nayed was the guest two days ago on a Kuwaiti channel in the Diwan al-Mulla show where he described the Muslim Brotherhood as a fascist organization.

In a statement posted on his official Facebook page, Nayed announced that Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, has issued a court order to drop all plaintiffs’ claims against him based on the voluntary request by the plaintiff’s lawyer to drop all their claims.

Dr Aref Ali Nayed’s statement on the court verdict.

Nayed thanked the US legal office and team, led by Attorney David Barron, for the successful defense and submissions they lodged, which forced the plaintiffs’ attorneys to withdraw and finally drop all false claims against Dr Nayed and to close the civil case against him.

He also asked the legal team to continue to work for him, pursue cases before the courts in the US and other countries, and take all legal measures against all attempts of slander and defamation by the Muslim Brotherhood’s lobby in the US through their associations, recruits, channels, platforms, electronic armies, and trolls in Turkey, and all their international centers, according to the statement.


Esam Omeish, a leading Musllm Brotherhood figure in the United States and a founding leader of the so-called Libyan American Alliance, had recently revealed his involvement and that of the Muslim Brotherhood international with the cases filed in Washington, under the license of civil political organizations and under the cover and name of “Libyan families” against several Libyan figures, such as Dr Aref Ali Nayed.

Omeish said in a televised interview on Libya Panorama channel, the media arm of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP): “We filed these cases in the State of Virginia and condemnation of the criminal was almost a certainty because we included therein the serious crimes he committed against civilians.”

Omeish, who is notorious for being one of the supporters and sympathizers of the the terrorist group Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council (BRSC), said: “The summons was for the war criminals, whether Haftar, Al-Nayed that politically supports him, provides him with a cover, and maintains its connections with the criminal UAE regime, Al-Warfali, and Al-Jaroushi. The court in Washington DC indicted them and thus issued these summons to attend before it,” he claimed. The US court dropped these claims on 25 June.

Omeish Reveals the Muslim Brotherhood’s Role in Filing a Case in the US Against Haftar, Nayed and Jaroushi

“The clear message that must be invested politically and diplomatically is that Haftar and whoever represents him (al-Nayed) and who follows him are not part of any political solution that would regain the stability of Libya and help it exit the quagmire of war and fighting. We cannot allow the international discourse to equate the executioner and the victim and deal with a war criminal who committed flagrant crimes, killed civilians, and demolished civilian facilities, as just a mere part of a conflict and a political resolution thereof,” added Omeish.


A picture of the members of the Libyan American Alliance, including prominent Muslim Brotherhood members, Ali Bouzakouk, Naeem al-Ghariani, Esam Omeish, Ibrahim Sahad, and others.

The so-called Libyan American Alliance, whose source of funding is unknown, is one of the façades of the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington. It has organized several events to promote the Muslim Brotherhood International’s point of view and their satellite stakeholders. The former US envoy to Tripoli, Jonathan Winer, accused of siding in the Libyan crisis file with the Government of National Accord (GNA) and their Brotherhood allies, attended some of these events. Moreover, the Libyan-American Hafed Al-Ghwell who claims to be a supporter of the previous regime and works with these people, Naim al-Ghariani, the hardliner Brotherhood Ali Bouzakouk, Ibrahim Sahad, and others also attended these events.

Another person has recently joined the Alliance is the young Libyan Mosadek Hobrara, who traveled to the United States through the “Fighters’ Affairs Authority” formed to integrate so-called “revolutionaries” into civilian life. However, the true revolutionaries remained engaged in war while people like Hobrara went abroad to prosper though he was not originally a revolutionary who required re-integration.

Mosadek Hobrara (left), Brotherhood’s leader Esam Omeish (right) with Ilham Omar.

Omeish also has a very close relationship with the Head of the advisory High Council of the State, Khaled al-Mishri, also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Mishri visited the US in February 2019 and Omeish’s Libyan American Alliance organized for him several events there which were covered by Libya Panorama, channel, the JCP’s media arm.

Essam Omeish (left), al-Mishri (right), at a Washington session organized by the Atlantic Council

As part of Brotherhood’s propaganda, Libya Panorama channel then promoted the headline that “Al-Mishri delivers a speech before the US Congress” as if he were among the few world leaders given such an opportunity. In fact, Mishri spoke to congressional committees and sub-committees and researchers with a second assistant official from the US State Department in an event organized by the Atlantic Council and not US Congress. 

Panorama Channel’s allegations that Khaled al-Mishri gave a speech to the US Congress.

Some sources also refer to parallel efforts by a public relations company in the US with which Fayez al-Sarraj concluded a contract for nearly a million US dollars to promote them and their view of the crisis in Libya as a “legitimate” government and obscure the idea of their being an unelected government that has never gained the confidence of the House of Representatives (HOR) in violation of the political agreement itself. In additional to the Government of National Accord (GNA) being a unratified, it is also unelected and expired.

Sarraj pays thousands of dollars to get Op-Ed published in US

Turning to the case, a review of names of the families that filed the lawsuit against Nayed shows they were the relatives of people killed in July 2019 at a field hospital affiliated with Zawiya groups in the US embassy building located in the former international airport road. Muslim Brotherhood media channels kept highlighting this case and the summons issued and politicizing this as filed by the relatives of those killed, who are all from Zawiya. As none people in the case reside in the US, it is clear that who filed the case and paid the litigation expenses received powers of attorney from them to file it on their behalf.

The filing of the lawsuit coincided with the visit by Khaled al-Mishri to Washington DC, who is himself from Zawiya and has links to one of these families. This was then followed by the visit of Fathi Bashagha to the US. The Libyan American Alliance had announced that the filing of the cases was upon the directions of Fathi Bashagha, the Government of National Accord’s Minister of Interior. However, all efforts made to incriminate Dr. Aref Ali Nayed and to block his visits and political and diplomatic outreach to the US through the US courts failed for the Muslim Brotherhood.

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