Military Aviation Specialist Reveals How Turkish Air Defense Systems Were Destroyed at al-Watiya Base – Al Marsad

Egyptian expert in military aviation sciences, Mina Adel, revealed the way fighter jets destroyed Turkish air defense systems at al-Watiya base.

(Libya, 6 July 2020) – Mina Adel, in a statement to RT news agency, said that such missions are neither easy nor simple, explaining that they start with collecting accurate intelligence on the target, in this case, the arrival of air defenses to the base then the military satellite photographs their exact location.

He pointed out that the satellite provides a topographic map of their location to determine the itinerary of fighters and the suitable type of missiles and guided bombs.

“After that, the process of electronic interception and intelligence espionage is carried out through reconnaissance planes that perform the imaging process in support of the satellite photographs. This helps determine the targets with great accuracy,” Adel elaborated.

He noted that the Armed Forces Planning Division collects all the information required for preparing for the strike and determining the modus operandi and objectives of the operation. It decides if the fighters will conduct a Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) or Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses (DEAD) operation.

“After that, the suitable bomber fighters are chosen followed by identifying the munitions that will be used in the destruction process from among multiple types, such as the anti-radiation missile (ARM) to destroy the radars. It is necessary to destroy early warning systems before directing missiles to air defenses,” added Adel.

The Egyptian expert added that Turkey at al-Watiya base does not have enough equipment to cover the Hawk system. There are no  early warning systems which explains the easy destruction of the Turkish radars accompanying the Hawk system because of their very short range.

He suggested that before the strike was carried out, the Turkish defense systems and radars were deactivated by jamming, as not even a single missile was launched from the base towards the fighters that carried out the operation.

“The jamming process takes place through designated planes that intercept and block the frequencies of the target radar through the noise and negative jamming to send false or deceptive information. In this case, the said radar shows more than 100 fake aircraft instead of one or two. Thus, it cannot see the main targets. At other times, the radar is shut down completely so that it cannot see anything and thus all targets are successfully destroyed,” stated AdelAdel stressed that after carrying out the operation, reconnaissance planes follow up on the results of the strike to ensure they have achieved its goals accurately. Otherwise, the reconnaissance planes send updated data to the fighter jets to carry out another attack.

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