GNA’s Interior Ministry Forces Carry Out Massacre Near UNSMIL Headquarters – Al Marsad

WARNING: ARTICLE CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES: A  massacre took place today in the Janzur area of Tripoli, committed by militias affiliated to the Ministry of Interior led by Fathi Bashagha over a dispute over control of gas stations, specifically diesel, locally called “naphtha.” The clashes underscore yet again the inability of the GNA and its Interior Minister, both under the supervision of UNSMIL to control its unruly militias. 

(Libya, 9 July 2020) – Bloody clashes, scattered bodies, and burnt houses were the main scenes of the massacre that took place just 2 km away from the headquarters of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in Janzur and the residence of the acting UN envoy Stephanie Williams, who places a huge UN sign on the beach before its headquarters to be visible to planes. However, it seems that it is not visible to those who control the area.

The UNSMIL, seems to be strangely unaware  of what took place within its own vicinity while it sees what is happening in other regions of the country, and which until now has not issued any comment or statement on the clashes. UNSMIL has only taken security measures to protect itself whilst residents of the capital city continue to experience insecurity and acts of violence from militias, including those operating under the GNA’s Ministry of Interior after 5 years of being in power.

It is likely, however, that UNSMIL will only issue a statement of condemnation and then Fathi Bashagha will open an “investigation”, which Stephanie Williams will publicly support in yet another set of empty social media statements. The follow up scenarios have become almost clichéd, with little to no progress on any of the previous “investigations”; the lack of accountability of the militias and the GNA’s Ministry of Interior has become a tragedy in itself of monumental ineptitude.


The problem began early morning before it turned into a full clash this afternoon in al-Jafara area, after gunmen from the “Central Security–Abu Salim” Brigade of the GNA’s Interior Ministry killed the brother of the Commander of the Janzur Knights Brigade, Hamid Abu Jaafar (nicknamed “al-Kabsh”).

Hamid Abu Jaafar (left) killed today.

The Commander of the Janzur Knights Brigade is Mahmoud Abu Jaafar (nicknamed “al-Shiba”), a resident of al-Jafara area within the same municipality. His brother, Al-Kabsh, was killed by Muhammad Fakkar, (nicknamed “al-Kiki”), of the “Gniwa” Brigade. Fakkar’s two brothers were killed in the Tripoli war last year. Al-Kiki, the suspected killer of al-Kabsh, lives in Awlad Hamad area in Janzur.

Immediately after the death of al-Kabhs, the victim’s brother, the Commander of the Janzur Knights Brigade, killed al-Kiki, his brother Mahmoud, and about 10 other members of their Brigade and mutilated their bodies in the middle of the area.

Further revenge acts ensued with the killing of a l-Kiki and his brother by the Fakkar family and their collaborators with the Ghniwa Brigade  in the same area, including arson of houses belonging to members of the various militias in retaliation.


Pictures of the dead from the Fakkar group of the Ghniwa Brigade killed in today’s militia clashes.

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