Sabratha: Al-Amou’s Aide Killed in a Fight Over Beach Chalets Revenue – Al Marsad

Abdul-Ghani al-Aweib, a close aide of the UN-sanctioned human trafficker Ahmed al-Dabbashi (“Al-Amou”), was killed on Saturday in Sabratha during a financial dispute over beach chalet revenues.

(Libya, 12 July 2020) – Local security sources revealed to Al Marsad that the deceased is Abdul-Ghani al-Aweib from Sabratha, a close aide of “Al-Amou”, and who fought with him in southern Tripoli, al-Watiya, and Tarhouna as part of the groups of al-Zawiya where they were refugees since 2017. Al-Aweib escaped from prison in April 2020 and was shot dead in public in one of the city’s summer resorts.

The deceased Abdul-Ghani al-Aweib

Our sources, speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons, said that al-Aweib, nicknamed “Abdou”, a leading member of the Sabratha Martyrs Brigade led by al-Amou, was killed by a competing group, by a person named Abdullah (nicknamed “Alhamburga”). The sources could not, however, determine his exact affiliation.

The two sides exchanged fire on the seashore where al-Aweib was killed due to a dispute over the control of a beach resort that generates profit for these armed mafia groups. The consider the beach resorts their private investment by leasing the chalets to citizens at prices ranging between 50 to 70 dinars per night, in addition to the charges for parking, entry without renting a chalet, renting umbrellas, chairs, etc., even during the days of the total lockdown due to the coronavirus.


Sabratha, with its burned security directorate, is witnessing a situation of insecurity equal to that experienced bu the city during the years of darkness between 2015 and 2016 when it was controlled by criminal and factions and “religious and revolutionary militancy”. It is noteworthy that about four months ago Fathi Bashagha had promised to arrest these criminals and outlaws. However, they have become stronger; their control increased; and they resumed their previous activities, with a noticeable increase in the sinking of migrant boats.

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Militants factions have returned again to control Sabratha and its neighborhood since 13 April, with the Turkish support and air cover and the blessing of the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj, who had, by the way, also blessed its liberation from these very same factions in 2017. Many observers say that this proves that neither Fayez al-Sarraj or Fathi Bashagha have an effective long-term national security strategy.

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Abdul-Ghani al-Aweib (“Abdou”) was one of the hundreds of prisoners convicted of crime and terrorism and incarcerated in the prisons of Sabratha and Surman, particularly the Western Criminal Investigation Prison, who were deliberately released during the attack on the cities of the West Coast. Although the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice of the Government of National Accord (GNA) demanded them to turn themselves in, none of them did and instead resumed their criminal activities on the West Coast.

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