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The Libyan House of Representatives (HOR) issued an official statement last night authorizing the Egyptian armed forces to intervene to protect Libyan and Egyptian national security in light of Turkish threats to invade eastern Libya which threatens the national security of both nations on land and sea.

(Libya, 14 July 2020) – In its statement, which was published on its official website, the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) authorized the Egyptian armed forces to intervene to protect Libyan and Egyptian national security if the need arises, hours after Turkey declared its readiness to launch a military operation in Sirte and al-Jufra.

HoR’s statement reads as follows:

Statement No. 2 of 2020 of the House of Representatives

Gravely concerned of the blatant Turkish interference in our country and the violation of Libyan sovereignty aided by the armed militias controlling the west of the country and the de facto authority to which they report,

Asserting the strategic depth that the Arab Republic of Egypt represents to Libya at all security, economic, and social levels throughout history,

Noting the direct threats posed by the Turkish occupation to our country and the neighboring countries, notably the sisterly Arab Republic of Egypt, which will not stop except through the concerted efforts of the Arab neighboring countries,

The Libyan House of Representatives, the only representative body legitimately elected by the Libyan people to represent their free will, hereby reiterates that it welcomes the content of the speech of H.E. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the presence of the representatives of the Libyan tribes and calls for concerted efforts between Libya and Egypt to defeat of the invading occupier, preserve our common national security, and achieve security and stability in our country and the region.

In this regard, the Egyptian armed forces may intervene to protect the Libyan and Egyptian national security if they decide there is an imminent threat to the security of our two countries.

Our confrontation of the invaders guarantees the independence of the Libyan national decision, preserves Libya’s sovereignty and unity, and protects the wealth and capabilities of the Libyan people against the insatiable ambitions of the colonial invaders. In this way, the Libyan people will have the final say on their affairs according to their free will and supreme interests.

Moreover, the Libyan House of Representatives affirms that ensuring the fair distribution of the wealth of our people and the Libyan oil revenues and preventing squandering Libyans’ wealth on the outlawed armed militias is a legitimate requirement of all the Libyan people.

May God protect Libya!

May God’s peace and mercy be upon you!

Libyan House of Representatives
Issued in Tobruk
Monday: Dhul-Qida 22, 1441 AH / July 13, 2020 CE

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