REPORT: “Salary Payment Ceremony” for Hundreds of Syrian Mercenaries and Terrorists at GNA’s Yarmouk Camp – Al Marsad

Members of pro-Turkish Syrian factions, militias, and terrorist organizations deployed in the capital Tripoli gathered on Monday at Yarmouk Camp south of Tripoli according to images obtained by Al-Marsad from “important Syrian” sources.

(Libya, 14 July 2020) – According to matching Syrian sources that spoke to Al-Marsad on Monday, these elements, numbering approximately 1,000, gathered in the Yarmouk Camp, south of Tripoli, in Khelat al-Furjan area. They included new elements that have recently arrived while the majority have been in the capital since last January.

Part of the gathering of Syrians militants at Yarmouk Camp on 13 July 2020 (private source).


The same sources indicated that the militants who were recruited first received their overdue salaries today, while the new militants recruited received an advance one-month salary. It is noteworthy that the new mercenaries arrived recently to Misrata and Mitiga via Turkey to join the militants of the Government of National Accord (GNA) for US$2,000 per month. They came to join the battle for Sirte and al-Jufra that the Chairman of National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanallah, implied when he said that it may be necessary to recover oil and its revenues—part of which goes to these mercenaries.

Sanallah also made the false allegation that Syrian mercenaries with the LNA were responsible for closing oil fields, rather than making any reference to the Syrian militants of the GNA that only a few meters away from his office in Tripoli.

Cars used by the Syrians at the Yarmouk camp with the Volcano of Anger slogan (private source)

Some of Syrian militants are also demanding delayed salaries for the last 6 months, totalling US$ 12,000 for each for the period they fought in Tripoli, Tarhouna, and the coastal cities of the West. The total of their unpaid salaries in addition to compensation for the death of many of them, is now in the region of almost US$ 200 million.

The sources added that the majority of this group that gathered and received its salaries on Monday at Yarmouk Camp belong to the so-called Fourth Corps, formerly “Homs Corps”, which is affiliated with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and which joined the pro-Turkey Free Syrian Army militia in March 2018. It is led by the terrorist Nasser al-Nahar, who today collected US$100 from the salary of every militant for his efforts to provide the funds required from the GNA through the mediation of the Turks.

Terrorist Nasser al-Nahar (middle) (Archive)

Syrian accounts circulated pictures of Nasser al-Nahar, the last of which was confirmed him to be in Libya during the battles south of Tripoli last April. He is one of the radical leaders loyal to Turkey and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has several factions in Syria and he regularly announces its connections to them openly.

A picture of Nasser al-Nahar in Libya (left) (Syrian accounts)


Al-Marsad examined the leaked pictures of the gathering that took place at Yarmouk Camp to verify their authenticity and it can now conclusively confirm they are authentic. Our team ha matched the images geographically with satellite images, as well as the features of the militants therein, which clearly indicate the fact they are not Libya.

Turkish military uniforms, light skin, and blonde features are evident of their Levantine provenance.

The aerial comparison of the images proved that they were taken in the main yard of the aforementioned camp, specifically in front of the podium, which is supposed to be dedicated to the graduation ceremonies of the Libyan military.

The original image of the Syrian militants at the Yarmouk Camp.

In the red box, there is a match in the white paint on the floor. In the blue box, there is a match in the two water tanks above the adjacent building in the back. In the yellow box, there is a match in the large trees. In the green box, there is a match in the parking shade. In the black box, there is a match in the yellow paint. In the violet box, there is a match in the platform opposite the yard where one of the leaders of these terrorists stands.

Matching the same original image with a satellite image of the same location

Al-Marsad also matched the other image that contained the cars of the leaders of these Syrian criminal and jihadi gangs and organizations and found that it was also at Yarmouk Camp in a place behind the yard referred to.

The original image of the Yarmouk Camp.

The image after geographically matching it with the satellite image of the site

In the yellow box, there appears the edge of a building sidewalk located southeast of the main gate of the gate. In the green box, there is a large tree next to the building under which the cars are parked. As for the red box, it is the main gate of the camp, a large gate in a building with two circular towers known to all Tripoli residents.

A picture of a Syrian mercenary named “Abu Saraqib” standing under the platform of hono at Yarmouk Camp with another photo of him holding Libyan currency after receiving his salary.

Al-Marsad also ascertained that the image is actually of the main gate of the Yarmouk Camp by comparing it with a previous archival photo of the camp showing the obvious match.

In a related context the mobilization of Syrian at Tripoli camps come in preparation for the coming battle in conjunction with the statements by the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu yesteday, who confirmed his country’s readiness to undertake a military offensive in the country.


These developments also coincided with a statement by Mustafa Sanallah, the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in response to a statement by the US Embassy, in which the he threatened to use military force to restore oil fields. Libyan tribes had closed the oil fields for several critical reasons, including financing and arming Syrian mercenaries and terrorists with hundreds of millions of dollars from oil revenues.

Mustafa Sanallah Makes False Accusations as Calls for his Removal from the NOC Escalate

However, Sanallah is still, it seems, unconvinced, especially after the increasing calls from Libyans for his dismissal, despite his admission that the tribes had demands worth discussing. However, instead of tackling the very real concerns of the tribes and the public, he opted instead to falsely accuse the United Arab Emirates of being behind the closure. Such a baseless accusation comes at a time when millions of dollars are spent each month on Syrian terrorists from Libya’s oil revenues, which he manages, and which Siddiq al-Kabir, the governor of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), disburses with the Presidential Council.

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