Photos: Four Syrian Mercenaries Killed in Tripoli During in Quarrel Over US$48,000 in Unpaid Salaries – Al Marsad

Four pro-Turkish Syrian mercenaries and terrorists in the capital, Tripoli, were killed last week due to a dispute over “delayed salaries” totalling US$48,000, at US$ 12,000 each.

(Libya, 21 July 2020) – A Syrian opposition human rights source told Al Marsad that a clash between those killed and the leadership of their group resulted in the death of 4 and the wounding of 2 others. Al Marsad obtained pictures of some of them in the morgue at Mitiga Hospital.

One of the dead after being transferred to Mitiga

The source, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, revealed that the dead belonged to the pro-Turkish militia called “Falcons of the North”, which is one of the factions affiliated with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s network, which claims openly to have arms operating under the so-called “Free Army”.

He added that a terrorist named “Hassan Khairiya”, who is loyal to Turkish intelligence, is the leader of this brigade and has been present with his assistant, “Khalil Khairiya” in the capital, Tripoli, over the recent period. He lost many of his elements in the fighting at the hands of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

Another dead after in Mitiga

He pointed out that the four victims had raised the problem last week on Thursday, where they were stationed between Salah al-Din and Khallet al-Furjan on the Sidra Road, with their leadership against facing issues of salary delays and lack of money, while other factions such as “Sultan Suleiman Shah” dubbed “Amshat” got what they consider their dues for fighting in the ranks of Fayez al-Sarraj’s government.

He also stressed after the problem and the debate heated up and they showered curses on Sarraj and Erdogan for the delay of their salaries amounting to US$12,000 each per month, the four took out their weapons against their leaders and threatened to go to the government headquarters on Al-Sikkah road. This forced their Syrian leadership to shoot them dead. Their bodies were transferred to Mitiga Hospital in preparation to move them to Turkey and then to Northern Syria.

The same source confirmed that between 40 to 50 members of the “Falcons of the North” militia had escaped last Thursday after their rebellion and took refuge with the Sultan Murad militia and several Turkish officers in both the Police College in Salah al-Din and Yarmouk Camp and Mitiga Air Force Base.


The Syrian criminal militias and terrorists of 13,000 fighters in Tripoli have repeatedly complained about the irregular salaries and demanded the Turks to find a solution, while al-Sarraj faces a dilemma because of the interruption of oil supplies and financial returns due to the closure, which drives him and the Turkish forces to plan to control this area.

A Syrian terrorist in Tripoli boasts of having Libyan and foreign currency received from al-Sarraj’s government.

In a related context, the commissioned head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanallah, in a statement issued last Friday, had renewed his demand to restart the oil fields, alleging  “the presence of Syrian mercenaries therein” within the ranks of the LNA at a time when the GNA-affiliated Syrian militias are fighting meters away from his office demanding their outstanding salaries from oil revenues.

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