Al-Hweij: Maritime Demarcation Negotiations with Greece Have Commenced – Al Marsad

The Foreign Minister of the Libyan government, Abdulhadi Al-Hweij, warned that the mercenaries and terrorists in Tripoli were a ticking time bomb on the other side of the Mediterranean. He said Libya-Greek talks are already underway on maritime demarcation and other bilateral issues. 

(Libya, 9 August 2020) – Libyan Foreign Minister Abdulhadi Al-Hweij said in a statement to Al-Ain Newspaper: “Syrian mercenaries are a time bomb that explode on the other side of the Mediterranean,” calling on the international community to confront the aggression of these mercenaries.

He pointed out that Libya wants the Mediterranean to be a space for peace, not a sea to bring in mercenaries and terrorism by the Turkish regime. He pointed out that these mercenaries will not only threaten Libya but will move to neighboring countries, warning of the exposure of Europe to their danger.

The Libyan Foreign Minister said Turkey was trying to control the wealth of Libyans through thuggery, stressing that the army, the Libyan people, and its allies will not allow them to do that.

In another context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed the agreement demarcating the maritime borders between Egypt and Greece, stressing that Libya welcomes any agreement that is in line with the United Nations Law of the Sea and preserves the rights of Libyans.

He revealed that the Libyan Foreign Ministry held talks with its Greek counterpart about a month ago, and agreed to start negotiations to demarcate the borders and other bilateral issues between the two countries. Al-Hweij stressed that Libya welcomes the solution of problems through Article 74 of the Law of the Sea, which relates to solutions based on agreement and good neighborliness.

He also noted that Egypt was the first to deal with international issues in accordance with international law and the Law of the Sea in a correct and proper manner, indicating that the Arab nation today faces the greatest challenge amid the multiple attacks of others against it, especially the Turks who are trying to turn back the clock to control its entire capabilities.

He pointed out that the visits of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HOR), Chancellor Aguila Saleh, are to clarify the Libyan-Egyptian initiative, stressing that the Libyan people are tired of the presence of Fayez al-Sarraj and his illegal expired government.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed that the most important conditions for consensus between the Libyans are to put an end to the Turkish intervention and that the Libyans should own the solution to their crisis.

Al-Hweij called on the Libyans to give up the use of force among themselves and the hegemony of militias, and keep away from even the international community that has been managing rather than solving the crisis. He said that Libyans managed to establish their leadership in 1922 under similar circumstances in Sirte and can do it again and own the solution to their crisis. “They have the expertise, the experience, and the courage to create the solution,” asserted al-Hweij.

He concluded by saying, “The international community has a new understanding of the Libyan crisis. The outcomes of Berlin and the Cairo Declaration are important. The role of Russia and some friendly countries is also significant in making a lasting solution for Libyans.”

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