GNA Commander Accuses Maiteeq and Kajman of Serving Foreign Agenda Against Sarraj – Al Marsad

The Commander of the Tripoli Military Zone of the Presidential Council Major General Abdul-Basit Marwan issued a statement in his name and in the name of his forces in which he launched an unprecedented attack on the members of the Presidential Council Ahmed Maiteeq and Abdul-Salam Kajman for their demand to stop Fayez al-Sarraj’s monopoly over all administrative, financial, and political decisions.

(Libya, 9 August 2020) – In his statement, Major General Abdul-Basit Marwan said: “As affiliates of the military establishment, we have been keen to distance ourselves from the political conflict that some are provoking and focused our efforts over the past period on repelling and resisting aggression until Allah Almighty bestowed on us a solid victory in the west of the country.

“Now, as we are preparing to complete the march to liberate the country, we are surprised every day with new intentional obstacles to disrupt the work of the Presidential Council and obstruct its president in his endeavours to undertake the tasks entrusted to him,” thus supporting Sarraj’s authoritarian monopoly of decision-making process described by Marwan as “the president’s tasks.”

Marwan said that Kajman’s came at a very sensitive period that requires speedy decision-making to face the crises of electricity, garbage collection, and the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to continuing support for the war effort. It is noteworthy that Sarraj spends millions on Marwan’s military zone, which relies almost entirely on the Syrians.

The reason for Marwan’s attack on Kajman and accusing him of obstruction was that the latter demanded that the Presidential Council should not disburse any financial allocations without holding meetings and issuing minutes. He also served a letter to the head of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) asking him to curb Sarraj’s hijacking decision-making from the rest of the members, which threatened “consensus” within the Council. However, Kajman seems to have missed the key point that this same consensus has become a relic of the past and that all decisions were invalid once the first member of their Council boycotted it and resigned. Yet, it is the selectivity imposed by the international community on the Libyans in implementing the so-called Skhirat Agreement.


In his statement, Major General Abdul-Basit Marwan said: “In this regard, we are surprised by the actions of Mr. Abdul-Salam Kajman, who preferred to disappear and remain silent throughout the months of the war and now he re-surfaces to obstruct the decisions of the Presidential Council. We do not know in whose favour exactly he is working and why he is acting in such a way.”

Presidential Council member Abdul-Salam Kajman

In a fierce attack on Maiteeq, Marwan said: “We were also surprised by the behavior of Mr. Ahmed Maiteeq and some of his irresponsible measures and statements that only serve some local parties, unfortunately, and their international supporters.”

Marwan accused Maiteeq of providing support to the agenda of these parties, which he did not name, indicating that this agenda aims to undermine the legitimacy of the Presidential Council after it failed to fulfill the dream of toppling it militarily through what he called “the failed attempt to invade Tripoli in April 2019.”

Marwan did not mention the Turks and their efforts for thwarting this “invasion” and their daily reminders of the Government of National Accord (GNA) of the same. He said: “As we see this absurdity and in light of the difficult living conditions that the people of this country are going through, it is difficult for us to remain silent anymore.”
Brandishing of Power

Marwan called the President of the Presidential Council to proceed with taking all administrative and financial measures that would alleviate suffering and reduce crises in an implicit call to him not to heed Maiteeq and Kajman’s opposition to this monopoly of decision and absolute dictatorship.

Presidential Council Ahmed Maiteeq

In a message to Maiteeq and Kajman that al-Sarraj has weapons and power in his support, Marwan said to al-Sarraj: “From our position, we will support you and all loyal people who are trying to exert efforts to solve the various bottlenecks and problems that our country is going through.”

Referring to Kajman and Mateeq and GNA members who oppose Sarraj, the Major General called on the “free and honorable” in the supreme and sovereign institutions of the state to stand together against this disruptive and frustrating faction that does not take into account the sensitivity of the current situation and only considers some narrow interests.

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