Former Tunisian Intelligence Director Warns of Danger of Militants that Turkey Sends to Libya – Al Marsad

Former Tunisian Intelligence Director, Ahmed Shabir, warned that the situation on the Tunisian borders since 2011 has been a powder keg due to the lack of Libyan control on their borders and the ongoing conflict between the Libyan army and armed groups. He said lack of control over the borders facilitated the entry and exit of terrorists and smugglers.

(Libya, 9 August 2020) – Ahmed Shabir, in an interview with Independent Arabia website on Sunday, warned of the explosion of the situation in Tunisia, saying: “In Libya, there are several warring parties, the most dangerous of which are those armed groups that Turkey brings from Syria.”

He also indicated that smuggling between Tunisia and Libya is not a new phenomenon. “What is new are the weapons and there is a link between smuggling in the two countries,” explained Shabir.

Shabir believes that the danger lies in the city of Sabratha, which is only 70 kilometers from the Tunisian border. Sabratha, he said, “is the den for ISIS elements, which try to establish an emirate inside Tunisia.” He added: “Their attempts in Ben Gardane failed due to the lack of logistical support. However, the danger today is that these terrorists receive public support from Turkey, which makes them more dangerous.”

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