Al-Kinani: Erdogan Insists on Expanding His Forces at Al-Watiya Base – Al Marsad

Muhammad al-Kinani, a researcher in military affairs and armament at the Arab Forum for Policy Analysis, said that the Turkish planes spotted at Al-Watiya airbase reveal the determination of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to expand the base during the coming period.

(Libya, 11 August 2020) – Muhammad al-Kinani, in a statement to Al-Ittihad Newspaper, said that Turkey clearly lacks combat pilots compared to the number it had before the alleged military coup in 2016.

The arrest of a large number of military personnel, including pilots, exacerbated the problem for Erdogan. “Therefore, Erdogan is working on more permanent support at al-Watiya, which is reinforced by the refuelling aircraft,” argued Al-Kinani.

He also argued that Turkish developed advanced air defense systems and expanded the take-off and landing tarmacs for F-16 planes to secure them fully as well as refueling aircraft as part of Erdogan’s efforts in this regard.

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