Turgut Oglu: Egypt-Greece Maritime Demarcation is a Blow to Turkey in Libya and the Region – Al Marsad

Turkish political analyst Turgut Oglu confirmed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan finds himself trapped due to the outcome of his actions in Libya.

(Libya, 9 August 2020) – The Turkish analyst said, “At a time when the tone of war rose after Egypt set the Jufra-Sirte red line in Libya, Cairo signed an agreement to demarcate the maritime borders with Greece, which represents a major blow to Turkey and Erdogan’s policies.”

In a special statement to the Emirati Al-Ittihad Newspaper on Monday, Turgut Oglu added that Erdogan’s current military actions aim directly to lift the political pressure caused by the recent Egypt-Greece agreement.

It is noteworthy that Turkey had announced the resumption of exploration in the eastern Mediterranean after this agreement, noting that it had suspended it for the past period due to German mediation. Ankara accused Athens of not fulfilling its obligations, while Ankara continues to poke its nose in the Mediterranean gas basin flouting the logic of geography and international law.

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